From The Desk of Chairman

Education implies cultivation of mind towards learning and acquisition of diverse skills by sowing seeds of knowledge. A natural tendency and an integral part of the human civilization, Education has become a basic necessity as well, in the present time. Education has always been a basic ingredient in the making of any progressive civilization and nation.

As much as the Education and its need is important, equally important is the Educational system/set up which is responsible for extending the wealth of accumulated knowledge to our kids. It is unfortunate that in spite of a number of educational commissions, committees and plans being set up by our government in past to look into the system from time to time, we have still not been able to develop the sufficient infrastructure that will meet the needs of our society spread across the urban and rural areas and adapt to the ever evolving modern educational techniques.

As much as 68.34% of Indian population belongs to the rural area (as per 2011 Census). We do not have adequate infrastructure to support quality educational institutes in such rural areas. Lack of availability of modern technology in rural area is also a major concern. However, in my opinion, lack of efforts from our side towards standing up to these challenges is equally contributing towards the current state of our educational setup.

The family of R.B.T. Vidyalaya believes in contributing towards our educational needs by extending quality education with best infrastructure in conjunction with the modern technological tools to our students. We believe that these students are the future of India and it our duty to guide them, with best possible efforts, to their individual and our national success.


A Message from the Secretary

“Dream, dream, dream and dream,
turn the dream into thoughts,
and thoughts will transpire into actions “

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Former President of INDIA

It is the same vision that we, at. R.B.T. Vidyalaya, impart to our students. Our institution with multi-facet facilities acts as a catalyst towards unfolding hidden talents in our students which eventually will help them transform their dreams into actions.

We focus towards providing a state of the art infrastructure to aid in installing academic, sport, extra-curricular, artistic, creative, cultural and national values in a fun-filled cordial environment into our students. The soul to this setup is provided by our team of highly qualified and motivated teachers, who believe in the words of William Arthur,

“A mediocre teacher teaches, A good teacher explains
A superior teacher demonstrates, A great teacher inspires”

The member schools of the R.B.T. Vidyalaya family, spread across multiple states, are committed towards nothing but one goal and that is to bring out the best of each and every student of this family. It is my great honor to be part of this highly motivated and committed family made up of teachers and more importantly our students. On behalf of this family, I welcome you all to be part of it and request you to strengthen it with your warm support.